Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Kosrae Island

Kosrae is a island in The Federated States Of Micronesia.
Its capital is Tofol.
Kosrae has a total area of 111 sq Km and an elevation of 635 m.
6616 people live in Kosrae, it has a density of 59 people per sq Km.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

How to survive your first day in minecraft pc

1- Open Minecraft
2- Click on single-player
3- Click on new World and write your world's name (ex: First World)
4- Find the closest tree and press left-click on one of the tree blocks and do that with all of the blocks and do the same thing with another tree

5- Click on (e) button and place your raw wood in the 4x4 crafting table then click on the square to the right and collect all the wooden planks
6-make a crafting table  like this and after you have done it collect the crafting table

 7- make a pickax
8- kill 3 sheep so you can make a bed
9-make a house
10-make a bed on your crafting table with 3 wool and under 3 wooden planks

W= go forwards
S= go backwards
A= go left
D= go right
E= open inventory
right-click= place block
left-click= destroy block
scroll= choose block

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Moruroa atoll

                      Moruroa Atoll

Moruroa is an island in the South Pacific. It belongs to French Polynesia. Also named Morurura or Aopuni.
In Moruroa there is even a little football pitch. Moruroa used to have 2 active nuclear testing plants.
No people live there any more.
It has a big airstrip but in the south of the island there is a mysterious runway.

nuclear testing plants in Moruroa

Saturday, 23 April 2016



Aitutaki is one of the main islands of Cook Islands.
It is also known as: Araura, Ararau or Utataki. The island is located in the Central Southern Pacific Ocean.
There are a total of 15 islands.
Approximately 2200 people live there.
It has got a total area of 18 sq km.
There are 3 main sports: Rugby (like in most pacific islands), Netball and Volleyball.
Aitutaki is also divided into 8 districts.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

UFO sighting in Madrid

Yesterday I saw a few UFO's flying high near my house in Madrid.
There was one UFO it flew really fast I only got a few photos :(

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Rurutu island


                             Rurutu Island

Rurutu Island was formed 12 million years ago. Rurutu has large cliffs on the edge of the island except for a few beaches. It's known for its whale watching in the summer, especially Humpback whales.
The island is located in the Pacific Ocean. It's got an area of 37.75 sq km, 10.8 of length and 5.3 of width. Its highest elevation is 385 m.
It belongs to French Polynesia. 2322 people live there, a density of 71 per sq km.  

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

               Star Wars Episode: VII: The Force Awakens

Alert this is a spoiler In the new Star Wars movie there is a lot of new characters and robots: BB-8, Rey, Finn, and Poe.
At the beginning an entire village of people against the First Order (the new Dark Side) got arrested by the First Order. But the BB-8 (A new robot) escaped with a piece of the map to find Luke Skywalker. BB-8 was told to go as far as possible and got found by someone called Rey. Rey was a scavenger. When she found BB-8 she wanted to get rid of it. But she decided not to. Next week the next part of the story.